Michel Medinger

Michel Medinger_6_ausgefleckt

Michel Medinger, Hommage to Rackham le Rouge, 2016

Michel Medinger_3_ausgefleckt

Michel Medinger, About Darwin, 2013

Michel Medinger_2_ausgefleckt

Michel Medinger, Still Life with Leek Bloom, 2015


50 years in the Darkroom


10.03.16 – 23.04.16
In honour of Michel Medinger’s 75th anniversary, the Galerie Clairefontaine, Espace 2, dedicates an exhibition to his recent and past work.

Since the beginning of their cooperation in 1997 with their first one man show A WORLD APART, the gallery has shown a large variety of Medinger’s characteristic images in solo shows: STRANGE PARADE in 2002, BAUBUDEN UND TANKSTELLEN in 2003, MASTERPRINTS IN BLACK AND WHITE in 2008, and REVIEW-PREVIEW in 2011. In addition to these shows, Michel Medinger has also participated in 26 Group Exhibitions in both galleries Clairefontaine.

His most iconic large format Polaroids, including the suggestive “Doll Series”, were presented in the framework of “photomeetings luxembourg 2015”.

Ironical images of keepsakes and unusual objects from his “cabinet of curiosities”, as well as singular images of earlier series, provide an insight into his extensive photographic oeuvre, especially in black and white, – straight out of the darkroom.


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