Ryuji Taira – Vicissitudes

09.03.17 – 22.04.17


A true treat for the eyes is currently on view at the Clairefontaine gallery in Luxembourg: still life photographs from concentration and inner peace, which are printed with precious platinum palladium on a high quality Gampi paper.
Ryuji Taira is a quiet observer, he loves nature and loneliness. He explains that, during hikes, faded plants or dead insects often fascinate him. An ephemeral nature expressed through them inspires the artist to seek a new beginning. He wants to immortalize the fragile beauty of these creations on platinum palladium prints. Giving an eternal character to their lives, their aesthetic appearancebetween life and death. Even dandelion clocks, which are poised to be blown away by the next blast of wind, are worth being worked carefully, crafted on an excellent quality paper with the best metal, and be turned into a piece of art for everlasting preservation and contemplation.


Bild Taira