7. Neumunster  ( 60cm x 85cm) acrylic on linen, 2015

Simon Nicholas, Neumünster, 2015

9. MoMa II ( 180cm x 195cm) acylic on linen, 2015

Simon Nicholas, MoMA II, 2015

6. Clausen ( 90cm x 100cm) oil on linen, 2015

Simon Nicholas, Clausen, 2015


Simon Nicholas
New Paintings
10.03.16 – 23.04.16


Most recent work has been based on gallery and museum spaces, where the borders between reality, fiction and photographic representation are brought into question.

The perceptive process in these paintings is apparently reversed: the viewers in the gallery often appear to be seen from the perspective of the actual paintings hanging on the wall. The paintings are entirely dependent on a working process of “making
it up as you go along”, the results more often than not being the sum of an endless series of corrections and overpaintings.

The forthcoming exhibition at Galerie Clairefontaine will present a selection of recent paintings based on the theme of viewers in museum spaces together with smaller scale works of urban landscapes.


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